Zebras crossing Lower Clapton Road

Zebra's crossing

Yesterday morning some Zebras turned up in Hackney; painted onto the road, at the T-Junction where Downs Road meets Lower Clapton Road.

No quite knows how they got there, but they are clearly a response to the lack of decent crossings on this busy junction.

I spoke to Cllr. Ian Rathbone of the Clapton Pond Neighbourhood Action Group who said:

‘Although this is some horsing around by persons unknown, we would like Transport for London to hoof it on down to this crossing and carry out the long overdue safety work to it that we have been pressing them for and which they have promised would be done.
But it’s a Pelican crossing we’ve been campaigning for and not zebra!’

Lower Clapton Road is owned by TfL who originally promised that they would investigate in 2006 with improvements being planned in 2007, but have repeatedly deprioritised it on the basis that there have not been any fatalities at that specific spot….yet.

There were 4 plans for the crossing drawn up by TfL in 2008, then a public consultation last year, after which  TfL proposed a 3-phased approach to the work. They now have around 6 weeks to complete this work, although residents are yet to see any changes to the junction.

If you are interested in helping to nudge TfL along there is a petition you can sign here: http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/claptoncrossing


This is well overdue an update! The crossing was finally added in June 2011. More on that over here: http://www.yeahhackney.com/a-crossing-for-lower-clapton-roaddowns-road/


  1. This is right by where I live, it’s generally a bit of a nightmare trying to get over the road – there is never a time when it’s actually safe to cross. Added to that cars don’t always indicate when turning from Downs Rd.
    I like these Zebra’s they are clever, witty and have a point (although maybe pelicans would have been more fitting)
    I wonder who did it.

  2. I really like these Zebras, they should keep them just because. In terms of a crossing perhaps the safest way would be via an aerial runway?!

  3. Loving the zebras! Probably won’t get the real thing until a child gets run over though…

  4. To get over the road here safely and without the protection of a metal box you need to be; young, fit, alert, without the nuisance of a pram and be able to run, dodge and jump as and when it’s required.
    Cyclist just need to go for it and pray!

  5. You can now see the making of video… from East London Lines http://www.youtube.com/v/86CQS192VUQ

  6. That is so cool! Are they still there? Haven’t been down that way in a while.

  7. Yup, they are still holding up

  8. Great! Just signed the petition and shared it on Twitter and Facebook to help spread the word.

  9. Wish I was still in town to have been able to seen these zebras. It is an awful crossing, and a downside to taking the 56 back from Angel. The intersection usually isn’t so bad during the late evenings when traffic is more sparse, but every other time prior to say 10 pm, it’s pretty dangerous.

    And with the dark setting in so much earlier, now’s the perfect time to get in a proper crossing. A pelican crossing would be the best solution. Anyone who has ever tried to cross that segment of Lower Clapton Road–and even Cricketfield Road–can see the need for a pelican crossing.

  10. ooh, keep the zebras! DEFINITELY! and agreed that is an awful spot to cross the road.

  11. Thanks for the coverage – i signed the petition. On car free day in Shoreditch, local residents rolled out their own portable zebra crossing. They’re better than signalled crossings because their is no waiting for light but motorists need to follow the traffic code

  12. TfL have now started works and the timetable looks like this:

    Phase One – Powerscroft Road (25 November 2010 – 23 December 2010)
    – Monday – Saturday 08.00hrs to 17.00hrs (Powerscroft Road)
    – Monday – Sunday 08.00hrs to 17.00hrs and from 21.00hrs – 05.00hrs (Lower Clapton Road)

    Powerscroft Road will be closed between Monday 29 November and Saturday 4 of December.Affected bus services will be diverted through Brooksby’s Walk via Homerton High Street and signage will be in place for other diversions on site.

    Phase Two: Downs Road (4 January 2011 – 24 March 2011)
    – Monday – Sunday 08.00 hrs to 17.00hrs

    There are no planned road closures for the Downs Road works, the works at this junction will be carried out in sections to minimise disruption.

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