Your help please: What do you think of these features

As part of the ongoing beta testing of the site, I am keen to get everyone thoughts on some current features. This will help me decide on what stays and what goes. I would really appreciate it if you could take 2 mins to fill in this quick poll 🙂


  1. so far I have seen no love for the Meebo share bar, so it’s going to be the first thing that goes. If you are super keen to have it back, please let me know.

  2. Thanks to everyone that completed the poll and the lovely comments that some of you made about the site :)The results are in and they are:Rate Forum Posts: The thumbs up and thumbs down on forum posts allow you to make the most useful posts have more weight. This seems to be a popular feature, with most people saying they would probably use it, they like it or they love it.Meebo bar: This was the bar that sat along the bottom of the site and allowed for sharing, no one was particularly keen on this and it annoyed some, so it’s been removed from the siteLiking activity on the home page: This bumps up activity in the homepage stream when someone \likes” it there were a few “loves” for this feature so it will be stayingHashtags: This works a lot like it does on twitter putting a hash in front of something makes it linkable. No one was too bothered about this it’s not very intrusive so it might stayPersonal photo albums: A bit of a split on this one some of you love them and some don’t so are staying for the moment”

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