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Hey Guys,
We write a blog about East London and are always on the look out for cool new things to shout about. Check out our blog and tell what you would like to see on it
Look forward to your suggestions.”

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  1. Hi Hi A group of East Londoners are using the Olympics to launch SCIPMYLO (olympics backwards) FESTIVAL We launch this year with our Scipmylo Comedy Festival E2011 in Shoredtich from 8th -17th September. The line up is the best comedy ticket this year. Check it out on http://www.scipmylo, and please ‘like’ us on facebook and follow us on twitter. This is a group of people who live and work in East London who want to make sure that we are not just spectators at the largest festival in the world but joint hosts. The East End is Putting On a Huge Party and the Whole World is Invited – this year, next year and as a legacy for the future. Spread the word.

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