Your best bits of Hackney

Hi all, a bit of research and fun! I’m compiling a list of the best bits of Hackney which may turn into a bigger article (I’ll credit anything I use) not necessarily the most obvious, but the one thing you would recommend to someone else, think experiences, food, drink, anything!Some examples from me are: the view from St Augustine’s tower, the walk along the Lea from Millfields to Springfield Park, the salt and chili tofu at Green Papaya ….


  1. Hackney Henge – Middlesex Filter Beds (the Henge is in there ) The Bird Hide on the Marshes. Will think of more.

  2. Aubergine salad at Mangal and crazy music at The Vortex 🙂

  3. Sitting on or by a lock on Regents canal for an hour or two; being surprised at how many boats and people go by. With a good book and/or good company. My favourite is Acton’s Lock (Lock number 7) near the southern end of Broadway Market. A recent warm autumnal Sunday, a six year old boy and his dad, getting through half of Roald Dahl’s \Danny Champion of the world” helping the boats go through and enjoying the admiring looks of passers by – one of the best days of my year. “

  4. Hi @ewebberStour Space has a few things up its sleeve you might be interested in ( do monthly exhbitions, and markets, house over 30 resident artists, have monthly workshops/ projects/ events, and also theres an on-site cafe with fantastically fantastic coffee!Stour Space is open every day, and has amazing views over the canal and the Olympics Stadium. But, our next big even is our monthly Designers Market on Nov 26th, and then the Xmas market on Dec 17th – platforming local design, art, craft businesses. us an email at if you want any more info

  5. Hi @stourspace thanks for the links – are you in Hackney or Tower Hamlets?

  6. You’ll have to include Palm 2 and Organic & Natural on your list! x

  7. Stopping by Keith Tjaden’s electrical shop in Chatsworth Road, just to buy a fuse. He’s just passed 80 years old and his eyes still light up like a 15 year-old when he demonstrates the very latest LED/phosphor light bulbs that have just won an energy efficiency competition. You ask after a crazy Art-Deco lamp behind the counter that someone’s brought in and he’s been lovingly been restoring. He checks your fuse works with his home-made tester and then sends you off with a smile. He has a love of the subject and has provided a traditional and superb service to customers of Lower Clapton for decades.

  8. Here’s a few…Parkrun around Hackney Marshes,Swimming at London Fields Lido,Canadian breakfast at Hackney City Farm,Pie Mash at Cookes,A stroll through Abney Cemetary,Hot Chocolate in Off Broadway,Bacon Sandwich at Venetias Cafe,A visit to Hackney Museum,A visit to Geffrye Museum,A cockney knees-up at Hoxton Hall.

  9. Hi all.Among my favourite places in Hackney that I would like to recommend are Springfield Park.I worked as a park patroller in Hackney for three years in the 1980’s, and Springfield was by far my favourite park to work in, it was also my nearest park to where I used to live in Upper Clapton, and I think that the views from there, across the Lea and the marshes are unbeatable.The other being Sutton House, a place that I became very much involved with during the \Save Sutton House” campaign in the late 1980’s.Luv. Ken”

  10. Four dishes lunch at The Organic & Natural Cafe – delicious. Walk through Hackney Downs into Stoke Newington for Turkish kebabs.

  11. I had my first kiss at Springfield park 😉

  12. Summer sunset on Hackney MarshesAutumn walk through Abney Park CemeteryA trip to the GeffryeBreakfast outside Cafe Z BarHarvesting wild plums in Haggerston Park I haven’t done it yet but I’d imagine that going sailing on the West Reservoir must be pretty special on a sunny afternoon. It always surprises me that you can do that in Hackney

  13. the hackney empire – such an awesome theatre with an incredibly rich historyrio dalston, an institution – they don’t build them like that any more!our growing coffee shop culture. more and more and no bad ‘uns in the bunchavo hotel, the hotel with a heart (and soul)the beautiful german hospital and the way it’s been converted into affordable housingour markets – especially chatsworth rd, broadway market, homemade, and columbia rdgeffrye museum, especially at chistmas timepages of hackneychurchwell path – a lovely walk with a bicycle lanethe learning centre on linscott road – surprising architectureour fabulous community – including this website and how we connect so many through twitter too so much more! See

  14. Harvesting crab-apples in the Forest Garden across the carpark from South Marsh Centre Hackney Marsh.Watching a kestrel perching on a maple and swooping to hunt in the long grass (Forest Garden again).A few yards of greenery between you and major traffic  – result: tranquility!”

  15. @janice did you see the Hackney Empire on TV last night? Looks amazing inside, apparently it was built in 36 weeks! I am hoping to see a show there early next year.

  16. A walk along Regent’s canal (if you’re lucky you might be invited to a glass of mulled wine on one of the houseboats)Picnic in London Fields or Victoria ParkVisit our markets (especially Chatsworth Road and Ridley Road)Have a delicious smoothie/fresh juice and let yourself be cheered up by \La Lumiere” on Chatsworth Rd shop at the green grocers have a crepe at the “Creperie” and get yourself some great wine and delicatessen at “L’Epicerie”Check out Mare Street’s great Vietnamese shopsArcola theatreGet yourself some of London’s best bread at E5 bakeryAttend one of Hackney’s many secret supper clubs (I recommend “Vegan Peasant”)Dinner and/or a nice glass of wine (or local beer) at the Railroad (there might be live music too) “

  17. @traxcitement i’ve been to about five empire shows and the theatre is a knock out. it’s also old-style where you feel like you’re sitting with family and everyone just relaxes with their drinks in their seats and on the stairs in the break. i’ll be going to see cinderella on dec 20

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  19. The Wenlock Arms!!8 different pints of ale on tap! – Best Pub in the World!Let’s hope it survives!!

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