Your Ad Here – cool artist and business initiative

The London Legacy Development Corporation and Create London have launched an interesting initiative to connect artists and businesses in east London:

It is meant to be a celebration of the local independent businesses that are such an integral part of east London’s community and economy. Local artists are invited to propose ideas for unique outdoor advertisements for a wide range of independent businesses and organisations which will be displayed in and around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for up to three years.

Seven artists, all with connections to east London have been commissioned to get the ball rolling: David Bachelor, Jeremy Deller, Ruth Ewan, Lauren Godfrey, Hayden Kays, Lucas Price, Samara Scott and James Brown. This will be followed by an open call which will give up to 30 other artists the chance to submit their ideas for an advert.

There is already an eclectic list of businesses which have expressed an interest on the project website. Perhaps a good opportunity for a proper Palm 2 billboard?


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