Yoga/Drama Group for parent and Child

Hi Everyone, I teach Parent / Child(4-7) Yoga group classes in Schools around East London and am looking to start a couple of private classes in the Hackney area.We go on adventures through the Jungle, meet Dinosaurs in space and play all kinds of  games all through Yoga! Out of interest, which day would suit you to come if you were to come to a class with you child on the weekend- A saturday around 12 or Sunday morning around 11? Would greatly appreciate any suggestions:) Many Thanks


  1. Hi is the age group 4-7? Your profile says you teach yoga for ages 3-12?

    I would prefer Sundays 11 am


  2. Hi hale

    I teach 3 to 12 year olds in school but this class would be suited for 3 year old up to 7 year old. I will start marketing very soon so you will have all the info. Am aiming for a sunday morning at 11..

    Many thanks for showing your interest and I will certainly keep you up to date!

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