yeah! Hackney user testers

Hi all, I’m underway with a bit of a new structure to the site and I need some people to test out functionality with. I’ll need a small amount of time, possibly over hangouts to test my assumptions about how you use the site. You’d be asked to do a few simple things on the site while I observe or give feedback. If you want to help, please leave a comment below.Thanks


  1. @mattyc @quitepeculiar @hackneye @saladefolle @stephenwalker78 @kuxi @marty21 @line1 @robbieds @paulscaredtodance can any of you guys spare a short amount of time, it will be quick!

  2. Hi @ewebber, happy to help

  3. Sure thing @ewebber !

  4. Happy to help @ewebber – let me know what you want me to do/when etc.

  5. hey @ewebber, am I too late? Stuck in bed with the lurgy, so let me know if you still need help x

  6. @mattyc @robbieds @stephenwalker78 @saladefollethanks, I have sent you all messages

  7. Sure, I can help.

  8. Yep, what’s cooking?

  9. Cheers @Line1 and @kuxi , I’m just making some tweaks after the last round then will drop you a line

  10. Only just now had time to look at this. Hope it all went well. Let me know if you need any further assistance.

  11. @quitepeculiar I will need more testers ;)Will let you know when – thanks

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