yeah! Hackney inspired coffee map

I’ve started off a yeah! Hackney inspired coffee map: yeah! Hackney inspired coffee map.Full url: It’s started off with the suggestions from the ‘coffee crawl’ thread but I *think* I’ve made it an open map (so anyone can add further recommendations). f you can’t add anything then ping me your email I can add you as a ‘collaborator’ (!) and you’ll have admin rights to it and all that jazz. I’m going to continue to add any finds please feel free to do likewise. Thanks for all the suggestions going to try loads out on my next week off work later in the month :)

View Yeah! Hackney coffee shops and cafes. in a larger map

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  1. @scottcolfer your links weren’t working so I have updated them 🙂 You can also see the official yeah! Hackney foursquare coffee map over here too: which has some additional ones that you haven’t covered.

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