So the guerilla knitting that greeted visitors to Town Hall Square made for a bright and unexpected start to the week. Lots of puzzled-looking people wandering around inspecting each of the newly-dressed trees, seemingly impressed by the new addition to the public space. Sadly I think they will be gone by tomorrow, but I’m glad there was no pressing need to tear them down too early. I’ve added a few photos to the Y!H Flickr page ( one two three)- thanks to whoever it was who took the time & effort to knit the pieces!”


  1. Turns out it was an artist called Kirstie MacLeod and there’s more pictures here. Great work!”

  2. Just adding @mattyc ‘s photo here for context

  3. They’re still up today, providing plenty of amusement to passers by!

  4. It’s definitely a cool project. I took this one yesterday:

  5. @patrickwilken nice shot!

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