Looking for a custodian for a WW1 Memorial

Have a legacy from prev. but one tenant on my current workshop space of a marble commemorative plaque to the ‘Old Boys’ of an unamed school.Have tracked it down, as Iwrote to Hackney’s conservation officer, to possibly belonging to the \long demolished Paradise House School in Stoke Newington – it names some fallen ‘old boys’ and includes two brothers called Aldwinckle both educated there. I wonder if it is suitable for installation on the former site of the school now Millington House”.Did contact War Memorials Trust in Jan. who had no record and advised contact the council. Problem is have to leave the workshop as whole lot supposed to get demolished this year – so would like to find a custodian for the plaque perhaps with the view to put it somewhere on Morrison House…”


  1. @jjjemp have you spoken to the Hackney Society?

  2. From Hackney Society:

    @fuckyeahhackney we are looking into this. But suggestions welcome!

    — The Hackney Society (@HackneySociety) April 8 2013

  3. suggested to Hackney Conservation Officer again about resiting it where the school used to be, or giving it to Hackney Museum to hold….will contact museum and see what they sayany other suggestions – have to leave the Tram Depot on May 16th!! : [ btw. looking for a studio (not live work) if any one knows of any (280 max pcm)

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