Working Lives Vol. Two: Hackney 1945 – 77

This is a great little book produced by Centerprise, written by ‘A People’s Autobiography of Hackney’ it features the day to day lives of people living and working in Hackney in the 1970’s: a Taxi driver, Cleaner, Mortuary Technician, Barber, Social Worker, Chip Shop Owner, Teacher, Postie etc. My favourite chapter is the one on Lew Lessen, a barber in Shacklewell Lane who used to cut my Granddad’s hair (what hair he had). Lew’s barber chair and mirror are currently on display in The Hackney Museum. The book has some great B&W photographs throughout and you should be able to pick it up at a reasonable secondhand price on Amazon.


  1. Cool, I might have to get my hands on that. Are there many photos in it too?

  2. @ewebber Yes, there are lots of good B&W photos showing the people of Hackney carrying out their jobs. There is one of the Postman delivering to Chatsworth Tyres, the Chip Shop featured is in Stoke Newington Church Street.You can get it for 1p plus postage on Amazon.

  3. Sold! well bought 🙂 thanks for the tip

  4. There’s a photo of the ‘Sea Fresh Fish Bar’ shopfront which you will like.

  5. I got my copy, it has ace pics like this one from Chatsworth Road:Tyre shop Chatsworth road Photograph © Neil Martinson

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