Wishing Well – Tommy Flynn’s

I thought the Wishing Well (418 Mare Street – top of Narrow Way) was just getting a lick of paint but it appears that it has now been re-branded as \Tommy Flynn’s”.They’re a small chain of pubs which seem to do food – although there’s no mention of this latest opening on their website so I don’t know if they will here. http://www.tommyflynns.co.uk/index.asp


  1. Actually, I think \Wishing Well” and “Tommy Flynn’s” are both parts of the O’Neill’s pub chain so it is just a re-branding exercise.”

  2. I might swing by on my way out in a minute. Never been in, it always looks a bit unwelcoming and the gnarled looking old boys hacking their lungs up outside didnt persuade me in either.

  3. I have been in, it has a lovely window at the front, but the insides look like they were replaced in the 80s with a lot of pine 🙁

  4. Yeah, I think its just a paint job.  Given all the gentrification regarding pubs on Clapton Rd in the last year or so its heartening to see that a few ropey/characterful boozers are hanging on in there!

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