Winter gloves – suggestions?

Despite the unseasonal sun this weekend winter is on the way and I really need to get some new winter gloves, nothing I currently have is going to cut it anymore.I don’t have heated grips and I’m not a fan of handlebar muffs. Does anyone have any recommendations? Has anyone tried heated gloves?


  1. Hello, I have never used heated grips or handlebar muffs, even when I was living on the east coast and riding in snow. I bought a good pair of winter gloves for about £28 from a motorcycle accessory shop. If it gets really cold I wear a  thin cotton pair underneath for extra insulation. Most gloves are more or less waterproof now, look for a waterproof inner membrane. Thinsulate is good for warmth and usually included in winter gloves. make sure they  are just a bit big to get air in the ends of the fingers for extra insulation and to give room for an extra pair of thin thermal gloves when it’s really cold.Hope you find a good pair. They last for years if you get good ones.

  2. I’ve been wearing the Urbano Tucano softies all year round for ages. Once it gets really cold I have to wear a thin wool pair underneath if I’m going more than a mile or two though else frostbite kicks in. There’s such a thing as heated handles? Amazing!Muffs do look a bit rubbish on old scooters…

  3. I’ve been looking at Tucano Urbano gloves and these look pretty good

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