Window cleaning

Does anyone know any decent local window cleaners? Google is being thoroughly unhelpful at the moment.




  1. i’d like to know too. i’m in n1, e8 border, 4th floor

  2. well we did have a guy that did a decent job in lower clapton around E5. but then he accused me of bouncing a check (when i had actually paid in cash). he showed me the cheque and it had nothing to do with me- different name etc. and yet he refused to believe i hadn’t palmed him off with a rubber cheque and got all aerated about it. nutter.

  3. Yeah, he sounds a bit unstable. In the end I just lent out the window with a mop- not particularly safe, but cheaper!

  4. Hi, just joined here but I have the number of a guy who does my windows every month and is lovely!  I’m near Lea Bridge Road roundabout and he’s based on Lower Clapton Road but seems willing to travel around when we’ve chatted.  Let me know if yo want me to post the number

  5. Hi,You don’t have to wait for anything. I will suggest you all purpose window cleaner just by making a combination of 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon liquid soap or detergent, and 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Shake to blend spray on your window this can be one of the best window cleaner.

  6. @charliebaps could you please post this window cleaner number?”

  7. Sonini- I have moved away but the guys number is/was 07791625799. He often hands the phone to his mate as he’s not confident with his English on the phone . Nice guy.

  8. @sonini just making sure you saw this reply

  9. Hey thanks @charliebaps and @ewebber! Will defo try.

  10. Out of interest (I don’t think I’ve ever hired a window cleaner in my whole life) what a usual charge be just for cleaning 2 normal victorian terrace sized front windows (needing a ladder)?? have tried the hanging out the window trick but sash windows mean it’s impossible to do the job properly like this.

  11. Ah cool,  I am looking for a window cleaner too.  Will try that number out, thanks for sharing @charliebaps

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