Wilton Way Jubilee Party

Hey all! Not really sure where to post this so I’m hitting up a few groups. A group of us are running the Wilton Way street party on June 3 this year. We’re going for a ‘dancing through the decades’ theme this time, from the Queen’s coronation till now, and we’re looking for people to host eras on sections of the street, perform, show us your craft table, bonkers interactive karaoke, etc. If you would like a particularly large audience and to take part in a truly awesome family friendly event, please drop us a line on kate@londonfieldsradio.com and eleni@londonfieldsradio.com. [No DJs and ravesters just yet please – we’re looking for theatre, dance, low-key music and interactive gamesy stuff]. We’ve got the Dalston Long Table at one end and it’s counting down the eras from there to Violet’s Cakes. We’re ALSO looking for material to make bunting with – there is a lot of street to cover. If you’d like to get involved with making it or have some material you can donate, please drop it into Wilton Way Cafe or email eleni@londonfieldsradio. Lastly, all the event details are here: http://www.facebook.com/events/215005581935246/ And the rather awesome flyer is here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150795334384928&set=a.111138124927.95418.95078579927&type=1&theater Thank you for your time. Kate and Eleni xx

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  2. if you missed last years street party you will not want to miss this 1!get amongst it & bring the commUNITY together.we are already collecting coronation memorabilia for display here at  #61 of said street on the day & contributions are welcomed.don’t sleep on this folks…. & don’t sleep on the other side of the pillow!http://theotherothersideofthepillow.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/royal%20jubilee%20street%20party

  3. Sounds wonderful. Can’t wait to get more details and perhaps volunteer some time.

  4. Wilton Way Street Party Wilton Way street party Wilton Way Street partyPhotos by Emily WebberIt was all a bit wet but lots of fun :)”

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