Will the Hip and over-priced continue in Clapton?

It’s amazing how both Lower Clapton and Chatsworth Rd have changed. Apparently there’s even a market on Chatsworth Rd. True there are a few market stalls who trade as market stalls but is it really a market?
Chatsworth Rd is the scene of an unseen restaurant / cafe war between local ventures. A ‘Turkish’ restaurant has just opened up in addition to a bike/cafe and pizza place (same owner). Many visitors are still looking for something Turkish in the menu but at least it’s trendy. There also is a record amount of bread shops whose objective appears to be in selling the most expensive loaf. For reference, a baguette from the local market stall costs £1. Try finding something similar for less than £2… Even a famous Clapton Pond venue charges 2.50 for overcooked ones. Maybe selling affordable food or providing affordable housing doesn’t look trendy any more. So, what will happen when the Hip goes Flop?
We’ll see in October and keep blogging.