Wild Hackney

Save Wild Hackney!Cross about the rabbit? Annoyed that the Banksy on Stokey Church Street was almost painted over? Think the Council should leave street art alone?Join us at the Enough Already meeting on 2nd December:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wild-Hackney/170887876273319http://www.premisesstudios.com/blog/


  1. We, at Street Art London, have just put up a post about Wild Hackney along with some street art from Hackney Road: http://streetartlondon.co.uk/blog/wild-hackney-project

  2. Hello streetartlondon and a massive thanks for the blogpost about WildHackney it is a great write up, we like your styles! We also really appreciate the support from the streetart community – ultimately we want to make it easier for street art to be commissioned, protected and appreciated in our local areas instead of the summary execution it gets from the Council. We want a more sophisticated dialogue around streetart that goes beyond the old \vandalism/trigger for crime” debates. So we need as many people as possible to come along with their opinions and ideas on what we want from a more engaging and representative graffiti policy. This is our opportunity to demonstrate the positive value of streetart and why people love it!Thanks again! ThanksLiane (Mend) liane.hartley@mendlondon.org.uk

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