why no Heart in N16?

Due to social changes that have occurred in recent years in East London we have the Clapton Hart and the Hackney Heart.

Why is there no Stoke Newington Heart? Is it too far north to bask in the full glow of suburban hipsterness?

Let’s leave Dalston out of this.


  1. Err, there is a ‘Hart’ on Stoke Newington High Street – the White Hart. The reason that the Clapton Hart is called that is because the same company owned both places, and didnt want to confuse things by going back to the White Hart with the one in Clapton. The ‘Hackney Heart’ has nothing to do with any of it, not being a pub and all.

  2. Excellent there is a Hart! I don’t venture that far away from my comfort zone as you can probably tell.
    Thank you Gavin for the useful info.

    A prediction: within the year a pub, coffee shop or bar will open called the Dalston Hart. Or Heart. I also like the sound of the Hoxton Hart.

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