White Hart (Now Clapton Hart)– New Owners

We at Antic are pleased to announce that we have just bought the White Hart on Lower Clapton Road. I am currently looking to find out as much about the history of the building as possible. I’d also like to get hold of some re-printable photos of the pub in it’s former years as we will be doing or utmost to return it to it’s former glory. As locals and people who know the pub of old I would really appreciate your help with my search. Please have a look at our website www.antic-ltd.comAnd if you would like to join the White Hart mailing list and be kept up to date with our progress please mail me on Fi@antic-ltd.com

Huge thanks in advance



  1. @fiantic wow – amazing to see something happening with this place. Have you seen this thread http://www.yeahhackney.com/the-white-hart/It's worth checking the Hackney Archives (although I think they are in the process of being moved) I can also get you the name of who to contact about the photo from A Second Look: A photography record of a walk through Hackney in 1890’s

  2. Fantastic, thankyouAny help very gratefully accepted!CheersFi

  3. And here’s an image if you can’t picture it. Fantastic news by the way – well done Antic. No offence to the Crooked Billet and the Wishing Well but the area does need a decent boozer. The Elderfield and the Pembury Tavern are always packed when I go in even on weeknights so the demand is definitely there.”

  4. Great news! I really thought it would end up demolished or as flats.Have you seen the Dead Pubs page? http://www.deadpubs.co.uk/LondonPubs/Hackney/WhiteHart.shtml Are you taking on the old cinema as well? And when do you think you’ll be open?

  5. I’m sure you can imagine this isn’t going to be a small project so I am afriad I cant give you an ETA for the new pub just yet, but should have a better idea in the next couple of months. We haven’t bought the cinema, I’m really not sure what is happening with that, but I will be sure to tell you if I find out. Many thanksFi

  6. Hi – I am one of the local councillors for the area – there is a major local campaign to restore the cinema to its former use – see here http://www.saveourcinema.org/ would be good to chat about all this as there is significant local interest in this site my email is rick.muir@hackney.gov.uk or you can call on 07875 546155 thanksrick

  7. This is great news indeed. Like many others I fully expected it to be pulled down. Its good to see that its gone to a good home, so to speak. I take pictures around the area, and would be more than happy to document the transformation if you like? Alex

  8. Thankyou for you kind offer Alex, but we have a team of very keen photographers in house, please feel free to record for your own benefit though. Rick – As I mentioned we did not buy the Cinema, I will talk to the Boss and see what our involvement with it is and see what we can do to help. I will let you knowMany thanksFi

  9. I would like that, thanks.

  10. @fiantic I guess my question about opening was a bit premature! I’m just looking forward to having a decent local at the end of my road.@rickmuir There was discussion about the pub and cinema being sold seperately at http://www.yeahhackney.com/the-white-hart/.While I’d love to see the Save Our Cinema campaign succeed, I can’t imagine it’s feasible given the price tag and the imminent arrival of the Picturehouse at Ocean.Do you know what the campaign is currently planning?

  11. Actually, thinking about it, this is such a positive thing for the area. This is from Timeout in 2007 in an area profile of Clapton/E5:What to keep quiet about if you’re selling:”The Clapton Road and the big estates surrounding are still sites for drug dealing and violent crime. While improving with the closure of the Chimes bar and the Palace Pavilion nightclub these can be dangerous places to walk at night. Crime rates in the borough (Hackney) are double the national average.”These “murder mile” attitudes still persist outside of the borough and investment to refurbish derelict properties is the single best way of dispelling them.”

  12. hi – @fiantic – many thanks, thats great @luke – through the clapton arts trust we are exploring options for the renovation of the cinema – which may (and i should stress this is at very, very early stages) involve BSix who need to expand their capacity to do media courses. so there are some possibilities – not for a large commercial cinema – but a community/college space that could host alternative cinema/more niche stuff

  13. Thanks @rickmuir – that sounds promising!

  14. @fiantic I have to say thanks for coming on yeah! Hackney and talking to us about this. As you can see a fair few of us are fairly active in Clapton, so it’s a good place to start to get some local feedback/support 🙂

  15. Great news!!! I’m sure all at the Clapton Arts Trust will be delighted!

  16. Good news – I’m a local too. What are you going to call it? bearing in mind you own the White Hart in Stokie too!

  17. Good news – I’m a local too. What are you going to call it? bearing in mind you own the White Hart in Stokie too!

  18. @fiantic the book I mentioned – A Second Look was published in the 80s by these guys http://www.centerprisetrust.org.uk They may be able to help – I’d love to see any photos you do find

  19. This is brilliant news, that building always worries me when I walk past on my own!

  20. This thread had me really baffled – when I read White Hart, I immediately thought of the White Hart in Stoke Newington. And to confuse matters further, it’s listed on Antic’s website – so I couldn’t work out why you were all talking about the place in Clapton.Of course, it turns out that Antic *do* own the White Hart in Stoke Newington, and they now also own the White Hart in Clapton.Did someone do it just to make the management meetings more exciting? :)(I do like the Stokie edition, so I’m looking forward to having something like it a little closer to home)

  21. They should rename it ‘The Black Hart’

  22. Although no final decision has been made yet, we are very keen on the new name ‘the Clapton Hart’.Fi

  23. Like the name, how about ‘The Black Hart of Clapton’ Goths would flock there!

  24. The Hart of Clapton is a nice idea, geographically it’s the point where upper and lower Clapton meet

  25. I want to see a White Hart figure like the one is this photo on the top of the pub to reappearthe White Hart

  26. @ewebber The Hart of Clapton – yep, I like that.

  27. I hope the pub, when it opens, will be serving proper, well-kept cask ales?

  28. You’ll be pleased to know we encourage the cask marque to be held in every pub, serve a good range of real ales and will hopefully produce our own soon. CheersFi

  29. Cask Ale within a few minutes walk – I’m in.

  30. For info the council has now recieved a licence application for the White Hart, 231 Lower Clapton RoadApplication for a premises licence to allow supply of alcohol and recorded music from 10:00 to 00:00 Sun to Weds, 10:00 to 01:00 Thurs to Sat, 10:00 to 02:00 Fri to Sun of Bank Holiday weekends, Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and up ten occasions per annum and on New Years Eve from 10:00 to 00:00 on January 2nd, live music from 12:00 to 22:00 Sun to Weds, 12:00 to 23:00 Thurs and 12:00 to 00:00 Fri and Sat and late night refreshment from 23:00 to 00:30 Sun to Weds, 23:00 to 01:30 Thurs to Sat, 23:00 to 02:30 Fri to Sun of Bank Holiday weekends, Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and up ten occasions per annum and on New Years Eve from 23:00 to 00:30 on January 2nd.Closing date for representations:18/03/2011

  31. Interesting that it includes live music. What’s the plan with that?On the ale front, I hope there’ll be some locals brew like Brodie’s and Redemption too.

  32. HiWe have no plans for live music yet, it’s way too early for us to know exactly what sort of entertainment there will be when we open. To start with it will be recorded music only, we’ll gague reaction in order to take it from there. AS for the Ales, we will stock a changing range, with popular ones staying and new ones being introduced as we go. Hope that helps!Cheers!Fi

  33. I heard that the Cinema beside the White Hart was also finally been sold. Probably a bit to early to a Land Registry search, but there is a rumour going round that Antic bought that too. Can @fiantic shed any light?

  34. Hi ThereSadly that is not the case, we have not purchased the Cinema, although it would have been a great building to take on!Sorry I cant be of more help on this one, I really dont know who has taken it. CheersFi

  35. This is extremely good news. 😉

  36. The Clapton Hart was granted a licence last night with some conditions as below:> No giving of ten other event days at licensee’s discretion (I had mentioned problems with Valentine’s Day etc)> Minimum of two security guards from 9pm> Some extra sound insulation> Rear garden closed to patrons from 9pm. Furniture to also be fixed permanently to the floor> Provision of a dispersal policy within one month of the hearing which should be available to residents> Meeting with residents three times a year> Contact details like phone number etc to be clearly visible outsideThe full details will be on the Council’s website later today.This sounds like some good news all round, we get our new pub as well as some reassurance and some regular contact.

  37. Shame they have to have doormen but I understand the reason. Otherwise good news.

  38. Agreed on the doormen, I’m not sure it creates the right feeling. But then even biddles have them sometimes

  39. Hi AllSorry I have not been on for a while to keep you updated. Dont worry about our Doormen, we tend not to go for the your typical ‘bouncers’, they are very nice, friendly men and women, who often become part of the framework of the building, you’ll get to know them by name no doubt!!I was in the pub yesterday with the surveyor and all is well, although as the chap who looks after the fruit stall next door will tell you, I did get a little freaked out when the front door got yanked out of my hand ….by no one!! Ok it might have been the wind! What an amazing building though, I cant wait for you all to see what we do with the place. I look forward to meeting you all soon!Fi

  40. Are there any original features left inside? It would be great to see some photos.

  41. Been looking out for that promised hoarding for a while now. Get a move on, some of us are getting mighty thirsty! Any news about the seemingly spectral new owner of the place next door yet?

  42. Sadly very few origianl features that we can see at the moment with the exception of the beautiful stained glass domed roof, which is still there and pretty much intact and some hanging ceiling lamps. There is however a lot of plasterboard so the hope is that when we remove them we will uncover the original building. I will set up a facebook group soon so that I can post photos, but I wont be going back for a while so please bear with me.Fi

  43. As for the banner, it’s here beside me and now that the license has been granted, I’ll just need to get one of our lovely builders to give me a little time and we can get it put up… wont be long now. Fi

  44. @fiantic – great can’t wait to see it

  45. @fiantic – as you can see we are so keen we’re kind of pestering you for info! Re the licence conditions, holding meetings with residents is great for a lot of reasons, and hopefully we can have those in the pub with a drink! Good luck with the building site

  46. The banner proclaiming the arrival of the Clapton Hart is now up!

  47. @Gavinredknap do you have a photo? Or anyone else able to post one?

  48. ‘Fraid not, no. It’s a sort of cross stitch thing. Now looking forward to seeing some activity on site. Wonder whether @Fiantic could give us any information on that, if she’s about?

  49. Some pics of the banner:
    Home is where the Hart is
    Clapton Hart

    Clapton Hart

  50. Excellent, a sign of progress!

  51. Squatters have moved in. I’ve got nothing against squatters so long as they don’t damage anything and behave themselves. But I’ve got to say… I hope this doesn’t delay Antic’s builders moving in and starting work.

  52. @fiantic do you have a response to this?

  53. Hi everyone, I’m sorry I’ve not been very active recently, but other pubs have been calling me away. Unlike Benjamin, on the whole, I am not happy about squatters, especially the sort who have moved into the Clapton Hart as getting them out is never easy (We do however have some who have looked after a building in Balham for us for many years and caused no harm so I must repeat this does not apply to all). The people in the Clapton Hart are infact not truely squatters as they broke into the pub, riping out the back door and all of our security gates!We have the break in on CCTV and have witnesses from the building behind up, so are currently pushing the police as hard as we can to get them out. The Police are still reluctant as they fall into the squatters bracket, but we will be using the fact they broke in as leverage to hopefully change their minds. There is no Gas, Electricity or Water in the pub, we promise we have made this easy for them.
    My worry is that as they found damaging the back of the building so easy, that they will damage what little has been left by Chimes (ieThe stained glass roof, the leaded windows in the basement and the remaining walls and lamps). Unfortunatlly as I am not allowed to phsically go in and throw them out myself, (which I have to admit is a very tempting idea) I can only wait and let you know what has happened when we get them out.
    We are pushing as hard as we can to get this situation sorted as quickly and painlessly as possible. And once they have gone, will secure the building until such time that our builders move in, they are currently finishing a massive project in Leytonstone, but should be free’d up within the month.

    As always, I am more than happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have, please feel free to drop me a line on fi@antic-ltd.com

    I hope that helps

  54. Annoying to have squatters, I work in housing so I know, hope you are able to sort this out quickly and painlessly, but the building was squatted before as far as I remember. You need security there to be fair, until building works start, it’s a big building and without security, and given the size of the place, it would be worth the investment for the weeks between getting it back and redevelopment works starting.

  55. I heard locally that antic had a possession order to evict the squatters that should have already happened @fiantic can you confirm this and update us on the current situation?

  56. The last I heard from them was;
    \We collected the paperwork for our interim possession order from the court on Friday (20 May 2011) and served it at the Clapton Hart address at about 1pm. We have a hearing listed at Clerkenwell & Shoreditch County Court at 10am on Wednesday 25th May 2011 and if the judge approves the order then the persons unknown will have to vacate the premises within 24 hours of that order being served or they can be arrested.”
    I noted today that they’ve moved the planned opening date forward from Autumn to Summer;

  57. As I understand it the judge did approve the order, but let’s wait for @fiantic to confirm

  58. This is such great news. I am sick of not having a decent local and that building is just wonderful… As long as there is a good pub quiz I’m in.

  59. Dear all
    Sorry I haven’t spoken to you for a while, we’ve been beavering away with another one of our new pubs. However, yes the Squatters are out and we have increased the security in the building. Unfortunately unlike real squatters they were in there for one purpose as far as we can gather; to strip the building of every inch of metal and lead work that they could find.
    The outcome of this is that we now have to relay all the pipework, roof tiles and window frames, thus extending the time it will take us to get the pub open. But hopefully by not too much.

    The only saving grace I can see at the moment is that they didn’t touch the beautiful glass roof or the stack of leaded original windows that we had hidden in the basement!
    Davey our design assistant is working on a new banner as we speak, and the pub that our builders are currently in opens on the 8th June (Red Lion Leytonstone), so they will be able to start on the Hart sortly after that.
    Drop me a line if you have any questions (fi@antic-ltd.com)

  60. @fiantic – good news, but surely you shouldn’t be saying publicly where you hide things? Good luck with the opening in Leytonstone!

  61. As an addendum to this, I find it interesting that the Waltham Forest Guardian series has covered the renovation of the Red Lion in Leyton (http://www.guardian-series.co.uk/news/wfnews/8492281.LEYTONSTONE__Reopening_of_historic_pub__will_revitalise_area_/) but the Hackney Gazette does not seem to have covered the Clapton Hart story (http://www.hackneygazette.co.uk/news/hag_header_search_element_7_2657?distanceInMiles=0.0&sort=relevance&action=search&action=search&freeTextQuery=clapton%20hart&submitted=true&submitted=true&savesearchname=&longitude=NaN&resultsSearch=&latitude=NaN&siteExternalID=hackneygazette.d …unless it was in the print edition and I missed it, happy to be corrected).
    I’d rather come to a community like this to find out what’s actually going on than read a newspaper.

  62. Dont worry, I haven’t given away our hiding places for treasures, we found the windows hidden away in the Cellar, so have left them in their comfy hiding place until such time as the builders move in.
    It was only the Eagle Eyes of our Site Manager Mike Thomas that unveiled them in the first place!

  63. One small question please; can i expect to be supping by, say, the August bank holiday?

  64. @patricksmithjournalist Hackney Gazette is not so local anymore – that’s where yeah! Hackney comes in

  65. Pre the Squatters I would have said yes, but now that we need to relay every bit of metal and lead work, it’s tricky for me to give you a date.
    I’ll let you know as soon as I can.

  66. @fiantic Like many others here, I’m very excited at the prospect of a decent local opening in the area, and wish you well, especially in light of the setbacks you’ve suffered. I’m interested though in the legal protection afforded to these ‘squatters’. Surely, if they’ve stolen piping etc from the building, that’s criminal theft and the police ought to bring charges?

  67. Hi there,

    This is of course something worth thinking about but they are gone and to find them now would be virtually impossible. But look on the bright side, new plumbing in the Clapton Hart!!


  68. There are a few photos of the Clapton Hart and its garden on Antic Pubs facebook wall;

  69. >@fiantic I like this bit

    Clapton Hart
    From Facebook

  70. That garden’s going to need a bit of working on. What a mess!

  71. Yeah the back yard does look like it needs a bit of TLC! But it also looks like a very decent sized beer garden.

    Very excited about a decent boozer opening in the area. It’ll dramatically reduce the amount I spend on cabs!

  72. The back garden looks like a great size, I can’t wait!!

    The White Hart
    From Facebook

  73. Amazing pictures, it used to be such a beautiful building. that garden is a very nice size!

  74. Work is starting on the Clapton Hart:
    This from @fiantic

    Our lovely Builders have been looking over the pub for the last few days and have decided that they will be in by the end of this week. They will be resident in the building, which as you know has been well and truly stripped by the squatters, so be nice to them, it’s not going to be an easy build to start with. Not until they have got the roof sealed and all the basic amenities working again. Cups of tea and kind words are always welcome!!! I’ll be visiting regularly and I’ll make sure you are kept updated with how we are doing.At the moment, we are looking at getting the front of the downstairs open as quickly as possible so that you have somewhere to drink, but I am afraid that due to the damage done, we will have to open it in stages now….Front Bar area, Back Bar area, Kitchen area, Dining room area….. So bear with us, we will get things sorted as quickly as possible!!!

  75. Went past tonight, and there doesn’t appear to be anything going on at the pub. However, there was an old boy scaling the old Pavilion next door and dousing it in whitewash. Not the most impressive make-over ive ever seen but any progress is positive, i guess.

  76. Just passed – still nothing occuring (man still painting Pavilion). I’m beginning to wonder if we’ll be in for Christmas.

  77. This might have been posted here already, but apparently The Pavillion has been bought by a Church Group – anyone know anything else?

  78. hey @euan there’s a thread about it over here: http://www.yeahhackney.com/clapton-pavilion/

  79. Don’t worry, there is plenty going on at the Clapton Hart. Not everything has to be done on site, lots of design and planning, builders have been in a few times to make safe (post Squatters) and prepare the ground floor for their arrival. You will actually see activity in the place shortly as the builders start the physical work, but rest assured we are beavering away at head office, getting everything ready. It makes our lives so much easier and the turn around much quicker if we do it this way.

  80. I’ll trust you for now, Fi, but please don’t tarry. Me and my mate had to go to the Crooked Billet again last Thursday for a beer, which is always an interesting if slightly unsettling experience.

  81. Just give the bar a wipe with your sleeve, hook up a couple of barrels and we’ll bring glasses and a few stools. We could be in by tomorrow.

  82. Gavin, try the Royal Sov instead for the moment, only 5 mins from the Billet.

  83. Oh i know the Sov, Marty. I used to like it a lot but I get the impression its lost some of its vibe lately. Biddles is alright but a bit cramped. I havent dared to venture into the London Tavern yet. Looking very much forward to the Hart opening. Hopefully can meet you there at the grand opening!

  84. I’ll definitely be at the opening! I’ve never been to the London Tavern either, curious about it, it seems to have stayed the same the whole time I have lived nearby (17 years)

  85. Yeah i think they still might have double diamond and hofmeister on tap in there..

  86. You think you’ve had it bad, I’ve been drinking in the Windsor Castle :-S

  87. Is that scaffolding i can see going up?….

  88. I had a little peek in yesterday. Plenty of activity but looks a long way off. Christmas beer maybe?

  89. yeah summer always seemed a bit of a pipe dream@fiantic any updates?

  90. I’m afraid the lovely squatters put paid to our ‘Pipe Dream’… We were on line for a much earlier opening than we are currently looking out, however we now have a skilled team in there rectifying all the destruction. I’m sure you can imagine there’s no point in us rushing this part of the proceedings, but as soon as they tell me their status I will update everyone.Hopefully I’ll have news for you soon.Fi

  91. Fingers crossed for Christmas!

  92. I already have a christmas Pub Quiz planned… just saying, @fiantic

  93. Ive engraved a brass plaque with my name on it, to go on one of the stools by the bar

  94. I’m planning a massive hedge fashioned into the shape of the yeah! Hackney thumbs up by the front door 🙂

  95. Looking forward to seeing it open. I’ll walk over from Stokey to my old neighbourhood for a pint (or three). Best of luck to getting the doors open! Sounds like you’ll have a lovely group as your clientele. 🙂

  96. Excited to see the scaffolding all up and work evidently going on inside when I wandered past this weekend. Can’t wait to have a decent pub so close by!

  97. @line1 I wouldn’t pay much attention to the \Autumn 2011″ opening date. I asked a builder there recently and he reckoned December.I noticed that they’ve just revealed some original signage which looks very nice despite it being incomplete; ‘THE………….HOTEL’ I think.I wonder if they’ll try and incorporate it into the new name?”

  98. Well done on the investigating!They better be open for Christmas! I’m staying in London and I am planning many trips to the pub ; )

  99. I’ve just been informed that due to damage caused by squatters, the pub will now not open until February.

  100. The full message sent out to the mailing list by @fiantic contained photos of damage to the pub and also announced the general manager: \…it is with a very heavy Hart  I have to tell you that the projected date of opening is now February I am really sorry but when you see what we have been left with it does explain it a little..Anyway as you are no doubt aware our builders have well and truly started and they actually move in in about 2 weeks so look out for their chirply faces in a chip shop near you!! Finally I am very pleased to anounce that Charlie Beety has joined us as General Manger of the Clapton Hart she was formerly  with Mitchell and Butler and is currently working at our pub The Stapleton in Crouch End until her beautiful pub opens its doors…….in February.” “

  101. Thistlewaite Road residents sad face 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  102. Hello everyone,I’m a trainee journalist covering the Hackney Downs area (you may have seen me popping up on yeah! Hackney before!) and also part of a new blogging project covering campaigns to save and restore historic buildings in London (http://blueplaquehacks.wordpress.com/). I’m really interested in writing about the White Hart pub and old Clapton Cinematograph both on Lower Clapton Road and would love to hear your thoughts and knowledge about the history and future of both of these buildings. I’ve already picked up quite a lot from the yeah! Hackney threads but any more you can tell me would be great! Please feel free to contact me on here or at laura.mackenzie.1@city.ac.ukThank you!Laura (@_LauraMack on twitter)”

  103. I recently spotted a painting of the entrance of the Hart by artist Stewart Free in a window of a gallery in Crouch End;http://stuartfree.com/painting_and_print/show/9It’d be nice to see it hanging in the pub when it opens but I doubt Antic will be spending the required 3K price tag!Actually if you browse his site you’ll see a few paintings of buildings in Hackney.”

  104. news just in from Antic Pubs Facebook page: Clapton Hart, we are looking at Mid to Late Feb for your opening…… Cant wait!! Neither can we, Fi and Co, neither can we!

  105. exciting!

  106. There is now a twitter account for the Clapton Hart https://twitter.com/claptonhart

  107. Not sure if anyone has mentioned the buildings short time as a squatted social centre back in in 2008? But if you’d like I have some pics (and flyers from benefit gigs) I can forward to you. I believe we were the last people to actually use the building before you guys.Look forward to popping in when you open, be lucky.

  108. Hmmm, just saw this on twitter… \we are aiming for april. defo have lovely food planned. i am looking in to bike space – v important i feel :)” https://twitter.com/claptonhart/status/170509189364461568 It sounded too good to be true 🙁@fiantic what’s the latest?”

  109. This in response from twitter\unfortunately several setbacks: building structurally unsafe-had to put this right before continuing. we’ll keep you posted”https://twitter.com/claptonhart/status/170563223161028608

  110. Anyone read anything in relation to the opening date for Clapton Hart seeing as it’s now April?!

  111. @fiantic do you have a date?

  112. Yes, we need a date!

  113. I’d be surprised to see it open before the end of the month now, given the scaffolding is still up and they havent appeared to start the soft fitting yet. We can live in hope though….

  114. I took a look through the windows on the weekend. Unfortunately it seems they’re still some way off of finishing by the looks of it, though they do seem to have found some antique pub alcoves that should really add to the character of the place. I think we’re probably looking at late May at the earliest now. I’d be more than happy to be proven wrong of course.

  115. From Facebook:

    .PHASE ONE OF Clapton Hart – THURSDAY 10th MAY at 6PM

    Hurrah! see you all there then!

  116. I will be there with bells on!


  118. Anyone eaten here yet? Any reviews?

  119. I noted a sign in their window indicating that they’re applying to have the licence extended to include an upstairs function room.

  120. I spoke to one of the staff who said they were planning on extending upstairs – makes sense really – it is very popular.

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