Where’s my chippie? – Good fish ‘n’ chip shops.

I had fish ‘n’ chips the other day, they were a disappointment.

Admittedly I had them in Tower Hamlets, but nevertheless I see this as the possible beginnings of an epidemic.

It’s a national dish. Please don’t let this happen again. I consumed all that batter for what? For nothing but misery and the knowledge that I was contributing to declining fish stocks.

Where’s the best chippee in Hackney for yeah! Hackney‘s sake? Please help.


  1. Mickey’s Chippy, corner of Pellerin Road and Boleyn Road, in Dalston. No doubt.

  2. Mermaid, Lower Clapton Road

    Mermaid fish bar
    (photo from London Shop Fronts)”

  3. I’m slightly concerned by the \Fried Chicken – Kebabs – Burgers” bit…”

  4. Likewise Mickey’s is “pies – doner – chicken – ribs”. Perhaps I’m being a snob?

  5. You should insist on fresh fish fried in front of you. None of this frozen nonsense.

    A good chippy should sell chips, cod, haddock and another \guest fish” as well as the usual sundries like pickled onions mushy peas bit of tartare sauce saveloy and a few pie varieties (beef n onion chicken & mushroom etc.)

    When a chippy starts branching out and doing doners pizzas fried chicken etc. it’s time to move on.

    Not sure where the best chippy in Hackney is but the best ones I’ve tasted in London have been at the Golden Hind on Marylebone Lane in Westminster. Perhaps you should head “up west”.

  6. The one at the end of broadway market is a goodun…

  7. Our favourite is Well Street Fish and Chips up by the Tesco Metro, that end. It’s fresh and good and they do cod bites. Since we are not big eaters, we have one order of fish and chips and one order of cod bites. It’s plenty between us. It’s the old fashioned kind of place where they are likely to sneak in a bit extra for you to find when you get home. Britannia used to be good – on Mare St – but they changed hands and now we don’t like it. The one on Sandringham Road (near Amhurst Rd) is disgusting – you are warned.

  8. i’ll second the mermaid, ignore the kebabs etc bit it is damn good. one at bottom of broadway market is also good

  9. The Fisherman’s Inn on Upper Clapton road is the one ive invariably gone back to. They have a good choice of fish, cook it fresh for you, the portions are huge and they have all the required sundries. I know its not exactly the most fashionable of places but i would highly recommend it..

  10. I’ll third the mermaid, if only for the delicious chups (chips). I’m quite particular about my batter which generally means I’m disappointed! I like a nice pie on occasions, you know when I am feeling radical.Agree that chippies should stick to fish and chips but I guess the money is in fried \chicken”. It would be nice if they offered battered mackerel.I haven’t been in the fisherman’s Inn…but maybe I should.My local chippie is rank. Oven chips and soggy batter – boo hiss.”

  11. Dare I mention Fish House? Will this lead to cries of ‘gentrified Hackney’?

    I know it’s posh. I know it’s like 9 quid for the full works and I know the service is a bit lacklustre. But it’s good traditional fare there’s a wide selection of fish which means you can be a bit sustainable in your choices and the mushy peas are great. And there’s not a sloppy doner in sight.

    All against say ‘aye’.”

  12. Pellerin Road.

  13. Takeaway fish & chips from the Fish House is about £7, and it’s huge and good and you can take it and sit in the park (with a chilled Riesling from Bottle Apostle if you’re feeling fancy).

  14. You wont get grilled salmon or a side salad, but I also agree with Mermaid on LCR. Delicious food and also the staff are lovely, including the lady that runs the plaice. (Couldn’t help the word play, sorry)

  15. Echoing other commentors, I don’t want to sound snobbish, but most of the chippies around here are pretty bad. Mermaid is ok but a bit greasy and they use vegetable oil, not beef dripping, which is pretty much essential to reach to higher echelons of chip’n’fish frying.
    There was a good place on Clarence Road run by Turkish folk, briefly, but inevitably it died a death because all people want is \wings’n’chips” not fish.
    The Fishery on Stoke Newington High Street gets my vote but it is expensive a bit “grim up North London” and not the cheap friendly place I think we all want.”

  16. There’s a blog post over here: http://cheesepeasandchocolatepudding.blogspot.com/2011/06/sutton-sons-fish-chip-shop-stoke.html on Sutton and Sons in Stoke Newington, sounds pretty good

    Sutton and Sons

    Photo by KeriBeri

  17. third…fourth maybe Mermaid on LCR.

    Has anyone tried Kingfisher on Homerton High St as it’s now my nearest chippy. Getting a bus back from LCR might mean my fish and chips will have gone cold…

  18. Broadway Fish Bar on Broadway Market gets my vote – crispy batter on the fish and good chips too. Plus the wee guy who works there is always cheerful and clearly enjoys what he does.

    Fish House in the village always leaves me a wee bit disappointed – it’s always a bit too soggy.

  19. Whatever you do, don’t go to Faulkners, it’s such a disappointment after their old reputation… I’ve eaten better scampi from my oven and the chips aren’t up to much either.  what a shame.  I’ll try some of the others recommended, thanks!

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