Where should we buy our kittens

We want to get a couple of kittens, but want to make sure that we are not supporting kitten farms. We are thinking about talking to rescue centres who have a lot of kittens born in them – does anyone have any suggestions?


  1. Rescue centres are a very good idea. Most people I know with non-pedigrees went down that route. Pedigrees naturally require finding a well respected breeder. Of course buying some poor little bugger stuck in a fish tank in some Hackney Shop Fronts pet shop is not a very good idea, no matter how much one might want to free the little chap.

  2. pet shop in stoke newington just a bit further north than the wetherspoons pub on the high street. Also in that little warren of indoor shops on Ridly market just down from Ridly Villas hostel. Kittens go for about £40. There is also a pet shop on Amhurst road at the Dalston lane end

  3. ideally I want to avoid pet shops and find a good rescue centre

  4. Just remembered that a couple of Hackney-based friends got rescue cats via a charity. I’ll ask them about it and report back.

  5. @mark_pete it has to be kittens though, working full time means I don’t have the time to look after rescue cats

  6. I few friends have got kittens from this place…http://www.mayhewanimalhome.org/

  7. @davo great, thanks I will check them out

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