Where have you lived in Hackney, and how long have you been here?

I moved to Hackney in 1993, to a flat near London Fields (Navarino Road) . Moved to Stoke Newington in 1994, not quite the village, the N16 end of Evering Road. Then moved to Upper Clapton in 1997.


  1. Oooooh nice topic! For me my life in Hackney has been:02/03 Southgate Road: N1 borders for about a year in a art studio with no heating and 2 lovely cats 03 Hackney Central: Above District 19 Amhurst Road until someone burnt it down in June taking Gibbons furniture store with it04 – 06 Glyn Road: a very nice victorian house with a lovely landlord I would never have left if I wasn’t buying somewhere06 Lauriston Road: a brief stint opposite the church whilst waiting for my flat noisy Georgian house in the posh Vicky Park village06 – now (and onwards) Lower Clapton Road: My now flat near Clapton Pond I love my flat and my area I don’t love the freeholders of the estate”

  2. 1980-1… 168 Stamford Hill, above a butchers shop, well kosher. the only goy in town. Evicted.1981-5… 2 Cecilia Road, noisy, blokey, smoky. Free central heating, lousy haircut. Convenient for Front Line.1985-7… Downs Court, Amhurst Road, previously occupied by occultists with connections to 23 Skidoo and Throbbing Gristle. Good views and lovely neighbours. Should have stayed.1987-9…18 Cecilia Road, Doomed. Lesson : Never look back.1997-?… Southborough Road, E9. A Family nest, village life, but a bit like Putney, oddly enough, ends with …ney. love it

  3. 03 Green Lanes – opposite Royal Oak and next to a kebab shop and 24hr grocers no need to venture far04 Stamford Hill Phoenix Mews – next door to a music producer that liked to indulge his penchant for playing on his casio well into the night05 Clarence Place – old textiles factory with massive windows, 1 electric heater and a neighour with chickens. Loud chickens.06/present Clapton Common – in between a georgian catholic church and a synagogue makes for interesting weekend comings and goings. Great bread and nail shops.

  4. born in Hackney Hospital 1964, lived for first year of my life in Stamford Road, Dalston before mum, dad and I moved to Luton drawn by Vauxhall and nursing (shared experiences with J Hegley and S Manzoor here although I have none of their talent!). I came back to Hackney around 1991 for a couple of months in a shared house in Sutton Place – left again for southern adventures and then came back to a horrible flat in Goulton Road in 1996 and then moved to current house on Chatsworth Road in 1997. About a mile away from where I was born…..Am quite confused about whether I’m a Lutonian or a Londoner but am definitely from Hackney!

  5. @alexisk I hadn’t seen City Shared Stories – it’s cool, thanks for sharing

  6. 1996 – corner of amhurst park and seven sisters – great sunsets across the ally pally.2000 – powerscroft road2007 – doorways and night shelters and disused signal box – it wasn’t a great year.2008 – Chatsworth road.

  7. I’m a hypern00b. I’ve been living on Millfields only since July, and I’ll be leaving the UK for some months while I get my visa sorted.But then I’ll be back and looking to rent back in Hackney. I’m quite used to Clapton, because even before I moved here I was in the area at least once a week since last year around November or so, and minded my friend’s cat while he and his housemates were out of London during the Christmas season last year.

  8. Moved to Dalston from Caledonian Road in 1999. Not moved since. Kids at school here now, so no plans to move anytime soon.

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