Where do you like Walking in Hackney?

I walk about a fair bit, luckily I live close to the marshes so that’s where we usually head. Over the park, under the Lea Bridge Road and across the canal to the Middlesex Filter Bed nature reserve, with the ‘Hackney Henge’ sculpture.Or we go across the park to the canal, cross the canal and walk up towards the rowing club, then back along by Springfield Park.Clissold Park sometimes as well, and Springfield Park, good walking. It is a good walk to head along the canal to the Olympic Stadium, it’s a brisk 30 minute walk from Clapton.Where do you like walking?


  1. In summer, I do really like the walk along the canal to Springfield Park, a stop to get brunch, then a wander round the marshes – But I also like wandering around anywhere with my camera

  2. Today I had a lovely walk – to Railroad Cafe for fine coffee and croissant, then via Well St Common to Victoria Park, through the park, along the canal, to Broadway Market, more food, and on to London Fields, and on home. A small, urban circuit. Otherwise it’s out to Walthamstow Marshes.

  3. Last Saturday we had a bit of an epic walk, not all in Hackney, we crossed the border into Waltham Forest! We walked from Clapton over the marshes, underneath the Lea Bridge Road, had a coffee at the Waterworks- (bit of a dull cafe to be fair) then back on the marshes, and discovered a massive bird hide near the Waterworks, saw a Heron! then because the Middlesex Filter beds were closed, we came to a couple of dead ends, before walking back under the Lea Bridge Road, and back across the marshes to Clapton again, recommend the bird hides.

  4. @marty21 I like the marshes. I strolled just off Lea Bridge Rd the other day near a golf course. I was taking pictures mainly but I would like to explore further. I actually went in search of this: (http://www.berrisconolly.com/photo_600765.html) but couldn’t find it. I also walked from Springfield Park to Walthamstow which was enjoyable.”

  5. we walked near there, the WaterWorks cafe is by the golf course.

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