Where can you eat pancakes in Hackney?

Where can you eat pancakes in Hackney?

Next Tuesday is shrove Tuesday, or lovingly referred to as pancake day. So what better way to herald it’s arrival then to list where in Hackney to eat pancakes. Crepes or american style, list them all!

Photo by Miika Silfverberg

**Updated list to include the places in the comments**

Creperie Du Monde, Clapton http://creperiedumonde.co.uk/
The Breakfast Club, Hoxton http://www.thebreakfastclubcafes.com/locations/hoxton
The Diner, Shoreditch http://www.goodlifediner.com/locations/shoreditch
Shutterbug, Shoreditch http://www.shutterbug-london.com/
Duke’s Brew & Que, Haggerston http://dukesbrewandque.com/
Red Dog Saloon, Hoxton http://www.reddogsaloon.co.uk/website/
The Shake Diner, Clapton http://www.theshakediner.com/
The Clapton Hart, Clapton http://www.claptonhart.com/
Drefus Cafe, Clapton / Hackney Central http://www.dreyfuscafe.co.uk/
The Book Club, Shoreditch http://www.wearetbc.com/
Hoi Polloi, Shoreditch http://hoi-polloi.co.uk/
Rita’s bar and dining, Hackney Centralhttp://ritasbaranddining.com/

Add your own suggestions in the comments below


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  6. A few more…

    The Book Club, Shoreditch http://www.wearetbc.com/
    Hoi Polloi, Shoreditch http://hoi-polloi.co.uk/
    Rita’s bar and dining, Hackney Central http://ritasbaranddining.com/

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