Wheely exspensive. . . .

Some fecker has nicked the back wheel off my bike, does anyone know how much it should cost for me to get it replaced I’ve just had a quote for a £100, that seems a little steep to me! not sure the bike is even worth that anymore….. Its a 5 gear raleigh mountain bike???Cheers


  1. Bastards! I’d check on eBay myself, or a second hand bike shop. Wheels are generally expensive. Alternatively steal one..(joking).

  2. There’s this one on Ebay:http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/CPF274-RALEIGH-AT-10-FRAME-AND-BACK-WHEEL-/200572180707?pt=UK_Bikes_GL&hash=item2eb30898e3Or you could try Bikeworks, down the other side of Victoria Park, next to Gun Wharf. They would be a lot cheaper than most places.

  3. Have you also tried the bike shop on Chatsworth? It’s very non-trendy, I had some new breaks added there, if you just want something bog standard I think they’ll be good.

  4. Check out the young lads in the un-named workhop on Well St. – they might be able to sort you out with a 2nd hand wheel. I don’t think they have regular opening hours, and aren’t there every day, but worth a punt…You’ll need a cassette to match your gearing as well as the wheel – which could be why it’s turning out more expensive than you expected… £100 for the type of bike you mention does sound ridiculous though. If you want new & cheap then it might be worth trying Decathlon in Surrey Quays, but that might be a bit of a trek. You could be better off taking it somewhere local so they can see what gearing you have and can match your cassette to it.

  5. Thanks for all the responses, I’ll do a bit more research. Def want to keep it local so will try the independent traders round here first…..

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