What’s the best Android phone?

I can get a new phone soon (ish) and I wanted to know if anyone has any recommendations.I currently have an htc hero and I’m sticking with Android


  1. There is a new Samsung Galaxy S coming soon which seems to be the one to get. Vodafone will definitely have it, but nobody has announced it via their online stores as they’re trying to get rid of existing stock, including the original Galaxy S (which is a bloody good phone in its own right)Article

  2. I’ve been very happy with my HTC Desire, with just the one complaint: the internal memory for installing apps is a little paltry, and while Android 2.2 lets you move some apps onto the SD card, not all have this feature enabled (notably those with widgets).It looks like they’ve sorted this problem out with the Desire HD, which is probably what I’d go for if I was getting a new phone now.Incidentally, does anyone know if any of the networks are planning on carrying the Desire Z? My girlfriend’s T-Mobile G1 is on its last legs, and she likes Android, but she also likes real buttons on phones…

  3. Thanks. I think my contract is up in April, so I guess is partly waiting to see what Orange will have at that point, which may be a Desire HD, although a friend on mine has it and he says it seems to have some issues with picking up satellite signals.

  4. The new round or handsets will have dual core chips which will be a significant step up and worth the wait. Nexus S looks like a good bet right now although it doesn’t look/feel like a premium handset. I should think your options will be entirely different in a couple of months.

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