What’s happening on Prince Edward Road?

Prince Edward Road There has been something going on outside the Hackney Pearl for a few weeks their patio has gone and there are a lot of orange barriers around. @alexpink and I spoke to James from the Pearl to find out what he knew.He told us that Muf Architects were doing some work on behalf of Design for London which from what I can tell includes putting a fully grown tree in (made to look like it has burst through the road) permanent outdoor tables and chairs a kitchen garden (for the Pearl) some fencing with climbing plants and a concrete A board for notices.I asked Muf for some more info but they didn’t want to say much before the project was complete which is in about a month. If I find out any more definite details I will post them here.”


  1. Tree in Hackney WickThe Tree is being planted today! (via The Hackney Pearl)”

  2. It’s currently looking a bit like this:

    Hackney wick

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