What’s happening in Hackney Downs?

Hello all! I’m a student journalist from City working on the Hackney Post. I’m covering Hackney Downs as my ward patch so if there’s anything going on, or issues you’re facing that you think everyone should know about, please give me an email on natasha.clark1@city.ac.uk. I want to be your voice, raising issues you face, things you do and… well basically everything to do with your area! If you live outside the downs too and there’s something fun/interesting going on, let me know and I’ll pass it on to some other journalists. Call me on 07745 978 698 if you want to chat. All the best Hackney lovers! Natasha Clark@tashy_meep


  1. @tashymeep Hackney Downs area has certainly improved over the years, though maybe not as quickly or extensively as other areas of Hackney. I use Hackney Downs Park a lot for running and there is no doubt this park has improved – with the addition over the years of more trees, more litter bins, improved tennis and basketball courts. Of course still plenty room for improvement – better lighting and selecting trees and flowers that would add more colour all year round would be great.TFL recently did some market research to see how the park could be improved further – I’m not sure how serious they are about this but may be worth following up with them and their plans.There’s a running group on Tuesdays in Hackney Downs at 6 PM – all levels of fitness welcome.The Star (pub) opened in the summer across from the park – they seem to run pub quizzes -well at least on Tuesday evenings.I think a part of Lower Clapton Road belongs to the Hackney Downs Ward and there have been many developments here over the last 12 months. I would recommend reading the historical posts concerning this road and the improvements discussed. A few new places opening soon in this area – Maeve’s Kitchen and Dom’s Place.You may also have noticed that Hackney Downs station is getting a face lift and may be worth investigating their plans and progress.In my opinion the biggest social issue concerning Hackney  is the number of betting shops, the impact they have on the poor and the reported increases in crime and anti social behaviour that they bring . This of course has been discussed on many forums and local publications to some degree but no real progress has been made. Betting shops are classed as financial institutions under planning laws so they are close to impossible to block.Again this may not be relevant to Hackney Downs but I notice that in the last 6 months that begging in Hackney has increased dramatically. Not sure why exactly this has happened, but there are also many more people with clipboards flying around than before – the word must be out – that Hackney’s streets are now paved with gold!

  2. There was a speaker left on a sort of post thing the other night.

  3. Southwark Council recently tightened their rules to stop the proliferation of betting shops. Perhaps you can investigate whether Hackney will follow suit: http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/southwark-bans-new-betting-shops-payday-loans-firms-and-pawnbrokers-8870815.html As for a speaker left on a post….clearly that’s worth investigating.”

  4. Thanks so much for the replies on this guys, I realised I totally forgot to reply and thank you all. Have been working on Rectory Rd changes, some diary stories, crime etc. Next on the list is the betting shops – I want to turn this into a feature for next term. Thanks again Hackey lovers. 🙂

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