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I’m an outsider! However, on a day trip to Shoreditch to visit the Geffrye Museum yesterday, walking back down Shoreditch High St, I saw a magnificent art deco building with blacked out lower windows on the East side, just up from a shop called Hamilton Mayday. What was this originally, a department store, factory, or what?


  1. \buildingSorry I forgot to add the image!!!!! The building is on the left of my photo.”

  2. @docjohn is that this buildingImage from Stopped Clocks It’s an old office building or department store of some sort I know it has a name on it but I can’t remember right now. It’s also where BA did their pop-up restaurant http://www.yeahhackney.com/ba-launch-a-pop-up-restaurant/

  3. Thanks. I followed up on that image (better image than mine) and eventually found that it is called the Nicholls & Clarke Building, a former showroom for the N&C company who were, I think, lead and glass merchants from outside London, Norfolk perhaps. The showroom closed in 2003. Now here’s another question. When I went past, there were faint traces of letters on the shopfront, British Atomic Nuclear Group. (But not shown on your image).  I can’t find anything about this company or organisation on the Internet. What is the connection with Nicholls & Clarke?

  4. @docjohn I believe it was an art show, everything you need to know about it is here: http://www.electronicsunset.org/joint_projects/nuclear_art_and_radioactivity/photos :)”

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