What type of tree is this?

I’m trying to find out what species of tree this is, before I cut it down. If anyone wants a tree?! you’re more than welcome to it.
Tree mofo


  1. leaf

  2. Do you have a close up of a leaf?

  3. Not easy to be sure at that distance, but looks like an ash to me.

  4. I have another which is significantly larger, and next door has quite a few. I don’t like to chop trees down but it has to be done.

  5. I vote ash – having seen it up close, they grow really easily too from what I read here

  6. Interesting fact…\The wood is both strong and flexible. In the past it was used by the Anglo-Saxons for their spears and shield-handles. More recently other uses include tool handles furniture sports equipment walking sticks tent pegs oars gates wheel rims and even aircraft wings on the De Havilland Mosquito which flew in World War II””

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