What to grow??

I am just in the middle of sorting out my riverside garden. We have sun all morning and it’s very open. I think the soil is very good considering the size the weeds grew to last summer! Any ideas what to plant? We are across the river from the nature reserve so want something insect friendly, colour all year round and non-toxic! Any ideas?!? (I was planning on at least some jasmine and some lavender)


  1. A mass of wildflowers :o) – or failing that, see if you can transplant anything ’emmajanenow’ has on offer

  2. I’ve got a small patio garden that’s mostly in the shade and some window boxes that are also in the shade. Can anyone please recommend some plants that might be good to grow? Thanks!

  3. @andyn16 Camelias are good in the shade, and good for pots, and it’s evergreen, and the flowers are lush.  Hellebores (sp?) traditionally like shaded woodland but i’ve found that they thrive in pots in shady spots too.  There’s always Ivy which will grow anywhere!  Heathers for the window boxes (maybe)?????  Good luck!

  4. @emmielou To help with your wish for colour all year round i highly recommend Winter Jasmine.  Beautiful yellow flowers at a time when the rest of the garden is a bit dead!  Also, Winter Jasmine doesn’t really like being in a pot so should be suited for you.  BBC recently had a 3-part programme on what to plant to attract pollinators, i only caught a little bit, they were saying that in public spaces the cheaper, hardier plants had won over the ones that actually have any nectar.  Save the bees!  Happy planting!

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