What do you ride?

Here is my bike, it’s a 1979 Vespa 50 Special with a Prima Vera headset:my vespa It’s at the mechanics right now I’d really like it back again.What does anyone else ride?


  1. Like it! Always fancied a small frame.Just realised I’d not taken any photos of mine before. 1964 Gran Lusso 150. Lovely but not the nippiest…gl

  2. @alexpink – where’s your bike photo?

  3. @markc smallframes are ace – super nippy.My old bike was heavy and slow, and never workedVespa

  4. My 50 special (125cc).”

  5. yay for the 50 specials vespas

  6. I’m thinking of modifying mine…

  7. Heh. That’s so very, very wrong.

  8. Just got my scooter back from the mechanics – seeing my first post means it’s been there for over 3 months ๐Ÿ˜•
    So happy to have it back

  9. ย My new bike ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s gorgeous. A Lambretta J125 not sure it will have the umph of my small frame vespa but it’s so pretty.”

  10. Like ’em all, so tempted to buy one.

  11. @traxcitement do it! I love my bikes.

  12. My PX – would love a small frame….. I started blogging scooter photos for a while but got a bit bored – not enough pretty ones in London! http://scooterz.tumblr.com/

  13. @timboyates nice blog, I have a few pics if you want submissions.You should get along to Scoot the Thames on 27th if you want to take some more. I might take my vespa along, unfortunately I have some paperwork to do before I can get my lambretta on the road, I’d have loved to take it out for the day.

  14. I’ll look into that!

  15. Here’s mine – Brrrmmmmm putt putt putt… J125. A whole 3 gears, but comes with a colour matched wall.

  16. Horray for the jranges ๐Ÿ™‚

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