What do I do with my old helmets?

I think it’s time I got a new motorbike helmet, but I don’t know what to do with the old one – I already have 3, I don’t want to keep it


  1. Google just seems to suggest giving it to the emergency services for practicing taking helmets off of dummies

  2. Plant pot?

  3. @euan – a really ugly one!

  4. 1) Turn it into a hat2) Use them for legs on a coffee table 3) Use them as a shopping basket4) Give them away as a Christmas presentI’ve run out of silly ideas but I read that if you throw them away you should make it obvious that they shouldn’t be worn for riding. One chap cuts his in half with a saw, for example.

  5. It seems so wasteful throwing them away, but after a while they are not a lot of use

  6. Take a picture of them, then bin them. Unless there’s a small theatre somewhere that could use them as props?

  7. I don’t want a photo!

  8. But maybe I do!

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