What can I do about…

dog poo on the pavements near my flat?Generally on the same bit of street, until the street sweepers do their rounds. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same culprit each time. Is there any point in telling the council? Is there anything they can do beyond putting up a sign?


  1. In my (limited) experience dogs work on the basis of smell which is probably why they come back. When I had dog crap at the end of the path, having removed it, I put down some disinfectant. This was not to kill any germs but the strong smell was intended to stop them coming back. It worked.

  2. Slightly related is http://www.fixmystreet.com (they have apps for that too) produced by the utterly brilliant http://www.mysociety.org

  3. Fixmystreet is cool, it goes directly to the relevant council who seems to always follow it up in my experience

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