What about the traffic?

I am a lifelong fan of Sainsbury’s BUT you only need to (try to) visit the Harringay branch to see what a nightmare the proposed one in Wimer Place would be.  The traffic is permanently jammed along Green Lanes and Endymion Road – and only since Sainsbury’s was built there, I’ve lived in this borough long enough to know that for a fact.  At busy times, they have to employ stewards to direct the traffic in the car park itself;  40 minutes sitting in a traffic jam just to get out of the place is not uncommon at weekends. Do you want a permanent traffic jam the length of Church Street and clogging up every available cut-through? Lordship Road?  Bouverie Road? If so, then that lovely new Sainsbury’s is just the thing!  Alternatively, how about getting a bus up to Stamford Hill?  Or down to Dalston?

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