Well St Traders & Residents Assocation – Save Well St Market!

The next meeting of Well Street Traders and Residents Association (WESTRA) is on Wednesday Feb 2 at 7pm in the community hall in Cressett Road E9. Main topic of discussion will be the situation of the shopkeepers, and also how we can kick start the market back into life.


  1. Sorry @katybeale, had to move this thread as it’s not really part of the Chatsworth Road Neighbourhood Plan. But on the other hand that’s exactly what you guys need for Well Street – it’s own neighbourhood plan.

  2. Hey euanAt the last meeting we decided to try and come up with a vision for the street in the hope that we can start a dialogue with the landlord about what kind of local high street we want. Wondered if that is what your neighbourhood plan is trying to come up with?

  3. @schen,I’m going to be doing a presentation on creating Neighbourhood Plans here, http://londonfieldscouncil.org.uk/?p=107. You’re more than welcome to come along.

  4. Darn, I didn’t log on in time or I would have gone!

  5. WESTRA meeting Tonight! Wednesday Feb 23 at 7pm at the temporary Morningside community hall at the top of Stevens Avenue (corner of Stevens Ave and Retreat Place)We’re trying to develop a vision for Well street-come along and give us your ideas!

  6. Hello, the plight of the Well Street traders has now been publicised by the FT, BBC London Radio and BBC news online.http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-12675332The charity landlord still appear to be holding firm however.

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