Wedge card in Hackney

Wedge is a great scheme that gives discounts at independent shops and businesses whilst giving money to charity.It’s £10 a year and a quick Hackney search brings up a fair few results in or near to Hackney (see Including 10% off of Graffiti lessons 10% off at The Inn on the park and 5% off at books at Broadway bookshop

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  1. For me the issue with Wedge is:1. You go £10 down before you even start2. If the shops go 10% down, that can be 50% of their net profit.I’d rather help develop a community currency system, along the lines of the old LETS. The cash discount offered by shops is taken instead in local money, and they can spend it back in the local economy. I’d be up for (another) go! Sigh…

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