Website spring cleaning 2012

Hi all,we are going through some changes on the website, it’s well worth a spring clean! The process has started with a move to a new server, this should not have too much effect on what you see (hopefully make it slightly better 🙂 ) but it was a necessity – and with roughly 3 mins of downtime, not bad going! If you do notice things you don’t expect or even working better, then please let me know in this thread. Now we have moved, next up will be addressing a few ongoing bugs and overdue upgrades which shouldn’t effect anyone too much, but should make things work a little better. This is a slow process as we have a skeleton crew, but I’ll keep you updated.Emily


  1. Thanks e. Looks good. 🙂

  2. There was a little bit of downtime yesterday at the data centre, but all should be fine now.

  3. Looks like the email service stopped during the downtime 🙁 , I will have to wait until tomorrow to restart it, at which point a bunch of emails may come through that have been help up.

  4. The email service has been restarted, sorry for the flourish of emails this morning.

  5. Closing this thread as there are newer upgrades, details here:

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