We Dig for Matchbox Victory – animated road-movie in miniature around Hackney Wick

I’m a local artist and writer and have made an animated road-movie – We Dig for Matchbox Victory -about four matchbox construction toys from the 1950s and 1960s who escape from captivity and go on an adventure around Hackney Wick.   The work is installed at Hackney Museum until the end of April, where it is playing on a 50 inch plasma screen. This piece is one of 20 works at the museum which collectively form The Artists’ Eye, and explore the various impacts of the 2012 Olympics. The story includes some archival images of the old Lesney Matchbox factory when it was built and also in the 1980s.   I collaborated with local photographer Marcin Noga on this project. The project is self-funded so please ‘Like’ our Facebook page to support us and help us to get funding for future projects.  I recently uploaded some stunning photos of the demolition of the Lesney Matchbox factory taken by John Connor. Finally here’s a link to the youTube page but you can also play the story from the sidebar of the Facebook page. I am hoping to get in touch with former workers at the factory through this project.   Please give me a shout with any comments.Alistair Siddons”