We are 4! Twee8 Weds 19th Dec

Hey all,your favourite Hackney social meetup celebrates it’s 4th year this December with a return to our roots: A piss up at The Pembury. When: 19th December 7pm – they throw us out Where: The Pembury Tavern Hackney Central here:  http://goo.gl/maps/1TgSWWho: everyone! See you there :)”


  1. definitely coming 

  2. See you all there- I’m looking forward to @kuxi ‘s cake

  3. yay! cake from @kuxi :)Looking forward to seeing you too @mattyc , @monkchips mentioned coming along, as did @patricksmithjournalistWhat about: @ollie @stephenhignell @3djamie @marty21 @hackneye @quitepeculiar @dml82 @tamlyn @goodlegs @jystewart @staystylish ?

  4. CAKE???I have XMAS drinks with work this afternoon so will roll up the hill on the 55 in a state of questionable sobriety. I was in the Pem on the weekend and they said some ‘interesting beers’ were on the way this week, although I’ve no idea what.

  5. @kuxi I see you animated cat gif and raise you this – which may be an accurate representation of me later.

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