WANTED Webdesigner for Hackney PiratesT-shirts project

The Young Pirate Apprentice team are developing a business plan to make and sell T-shirts and need a volunteer to make a website.    It needs to be bright, colourful and easy to use, with animated writing as well as our drawings and haikus, a separate profile for each Young Pirate showing their own ideas, and pictures of our T-shirts modeled in interesting places. We want to include different sections that show our different deals and sizes.You can get the full job description  here.  The successful candidate will be given their full brief from the Young Pirate Apprentice team.  If you want to work with us please send a cv and covering email to crew@hackneypirates.org.HackneyPirates aim at supplementing the school system. We develop literacy and creativity in young people in Dalston. We are a charity where we make homework fun.“The funnest part of making a T-shirt is putting together a collage. Mine has two dragons and a robot penguin attacking the city and mini people running away.”  Alejandro”