Wanted: Training Venue for hire in Upper Clapton / Stokenewton

Hi all I’m looking to hire a training room for a First Aid Training course.The venue needs to be in Stokenewington or upper Clapton.My budget is very limited can anyone help Ismail


  1. I know a couple in Lower Clapton which might suit, either the Round Chapel http://www.web.theroundchapel.org.uk/ or the St Johns Ambulance Hall on Mildenhall Road – both I think are fairly cheap

  2. Thanks ewebber.Im looking more towards Stokey really.Do you know how much Round Chaple charge for the meeting room?

  3. I can recommend the Boiler House on the George Downing Estate off Cazenove Road:http://n16boilerhouse.com/page5/page5.html

  4. Hi @simplyinpiredtraining , I’m not sure – it’s been a while since I used them

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