Wanted: iPhone

Hello all, I’m on the hunt for an iPhone as mine was stolen from my handbag on Saturday night 🙁 If anyone has one for sale (preferably an iPhone 4 but open to other models) then please let me know. Thanks,Louise


  1. Hi Louise, Sorry to hear about the theft that ocured, im a journalist working in the area of Hackney and would be intrested to know if the police have got back to you considering the theft if you reported it? Unfortunatly i dont have a iPhone, iam looking for one myself.

  2. Hi Theo, The police sent me a letter to say that they won’t be looking into the theft because the chance of finding CCTV in a dark night club (at The Nest in Dalston) is slim. Whether or not they actually contacted The Nest and asked for CCTV is another matter. Interestingly they said that someone else had reported an iPhone theft from The Nest the same night so someone must have been doing the rounds. I emailed The Nest’s lost property and they never responded.

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