Wanted: Dog Sitters

I have recently started helping someone out at their studio 3 days a week and the plan was to take my lovely dog Star with me. Unfortunately we have found out that one of the guys that works there is allergic to her and now I am faced with a big problem. Being unpaid I cannot afford a dog sitter but I can’t leave my dog in the house alone all day. Since I got her I’ve tried as much as I can to take her everywhere with me so she is seldom left on her own for too long. At the moment I am having to leave her in the mornings until I come home for lunch and then again in the afternoons but it’s really upsetting me and I don’t think it is fair on her. Was wondering if there are any dog loving people out there who live or work in or near to E5 , anyyone used to dogs or who’s had a dog ?  Maybe you would like a dog but not the full-time commitment ? She just loves company really and as I take her out for a decent walk on the marshes before I go in the mornings and take her out when I get home she would not need walking ( although this would be lovely), so anyone who works from home or is in a studio all day, would be ideal. About Star – she is a medium sized 2 year old beagle cross lab. She is a beautiful laid back dog and everybody that meets her falls in love with her. If you think you would like to take her for a morning, afternoon or even a full day then please email me. We can arrange to meet up and see how you get on. Thanks for reading !


  1. Hi, I have added you as a friend so I can send you a private message, if you could accept I can send it! Thanks Lorna

  2. Thanks Lorna, I have accepted it now

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