Want to host a twee8? Volunteer here!

Hi, everyone. We’re looking for volunteers to host upcoming twee8 meet-ups. If you would like to volunteer, let us know! Currently, here is our volunteer roster:

16 October – Stephen (@stephenhignell)

20 November – Doreen (@londondear or @quitepeculiar on yeah! Hackney)

December – Generally we do a special event *not* on the 3rd Wednesday so stay tuned

15 January – Janice ( @janice easily enough)

19 February – Needs a host!

The requirements of the host are as follows: – The host should have attended 2 twee8 meet-ups within the past year so he/she is familiar with the format and be a member of the yeah! Hackney group so she/he can post the info in the forum.- Must pick a pub in Hackney ideally one we haven’t been to within the past six months ( view this topic for suggestionsΒ and check back the previous topics to see where we’ve been).- Alternatively you can open it up to the group in your topic thread in this twee8 group.- Start the topic thread here announcing when (whatever the third Wednesday of the month is) and where (or in the above case querying where to go and changing the topic once decided upon a spot)- Be at the selected pub at 7 pm on the date for the meet-up That’s it really! So you know we generally get around 6-10 people showing up for twee8 but sometimes it can be as many as 20 folks! However many people it’s always a nice time and a great excuse to check out new pubs and revisit old favourites. If you would like to volunteer let us know! Reply to this post and let us know what date or dates you’d like to volunteer for. Thanks everyone!”


  1. I’m just going to go ahead and tag a few regular twee8 people & former hosts in this post for a heads-up regarding October: @kuxi @ewebber @marty21 @stephenhignell @janice @mattyc @hackneye @staystylish @3djamie

  2. I’ll have a look at availability πŸ™‚

  3. I’m away for the October one πŸ™ I’m going to add @hackneye to the list

  4. I’ll volunteer for the January! Let me know!PS I’m away for October too. Back for the November. I hope we get early notice of December frolics πŸ™‚

  5. Hey, folk, just a flag that we do need a host for this month (less than two weeks away!). If you’re free on Wednesday, 16 October at 7:00 pm, let us know. Picking a pub is easy this month, as there are a few places that are new to the meet-ups like The Crooked Billet and The White Horse in Hoxton, as well as old favourites that we haven’t visited in over a year (Jolly Butchers, Duke’s Brew & Que, The Cock Tavern, Off Broadway, The Pembury Tavern, and more!).

  6. Hi Everyone – Someone mentioned us in another post, but I can’t seem to find it now. Anyway, I’m running The Craft Beer Social Club on Tudor Grove until mid-December. We’d love you to host a twee8 with us! We’re open on Fridays (6pm-12am) and Saturdays (1pm-12am). We’d be able to offer a discount as well probably 10% off your first round off drinks. Let me know if you’re interested in visiting us. Thanks!”

  7. Hello, everyone!

    So I’ve gotten confused about the new set-up and when New Yeah! Hackney asked if I was posting about an event, I said in my head “Yes!” and wound up creating this which I don’t think showed up in the twee8 group… or category, rather.

    Anyway, we’re looking for peeps to host the twee8 for February and for March. I created an event for February but can change the location once one has been decided upon. February’s is next week on the 19th, and March is also on the 19th.

    Rules are simple. The formatting has gone awry in the original post, so I’ll write it again:

    – Pick a venue (pub, cafΓ©, cocktail bar, etc)
    – Make a post in the twee8 category to let people know who is hosting and where to go
    – Be there at 7 pm on the evening of the twee8


    So, if any of you are able to host, please get involved! Thanks very much.

  8. Hey Doreen, I deleted that event as there was already one for twee8 – sorry if it was confusing, still working the new site out with how people use it.

    @stephenhignell @janice @staystylish any of you up for hosting?

  9. is it next week (19 feb) @ewebber? i’ll see if @staystylish or @stephenhignell can do it since i don’t yet know my plans for next week. otherwise, we have a long list of places we haven’t visited so it will be easy!

  10. I’ll volunteer to host the February one. Look Mum No Hands Mare Street.. pretty decent selection of pint choices with various delicious cakes, light meals etc.

    I’d try out Oslo but it seems to have a band on that evening, not sure how it operates it might be busy.

  11. Cool, I’ll update the event – it’s over here: http://www.yeahhackney.com/calendar/twee8-the-hackney-tweetup-2014-02-19/

  12. Magic, thanks @ewebber! Sorry if I made more work for you to do… doi!

    Hooray, @staystylish! Thanks for volunteering. I may be able to volunteer for the April one if my calendar can remain free. Will confirm at the end of March.

    Hope you all have fun!

  13. Oops sorry about the slight out of order comments for a bit there, I’ve just adjusted the moderation settings so that shouldn’t happen again and comments should be immediate.

  14. March (weds 19th) needs a host and I have a work thing I need to go to, so am unable to do it.

    I will host April’s though πŸ™‚

    So the shout is out….

    @stephenhignell @janice @kuxi @mattyc @hackneye @3djamie @quitepeculiar

    Any of you guys up for hosting in March?

  15. Afraid I will be in Orlando, @ewebber, so I’ll be unable to host it unless you guys feel like going really far out!

  16. @ewebber I already hosted February. I don’t want to hog all hostings πŸ˜‰

  17. I can do it! It’s been a while since I’ve been involved so am happy to help. Will look through the recent venues and make some suggestions- would be quite keen to head back to 3 Compasses?

    • Ah cool, although that means I won’t see you. Come next month too!

      • Boo to work things, but no worries. I can’t make April 16th, and probably not May either…

  18. thanks, @mattyc – i will be in Toronto. wish you guys would all come there instead πŸ˜› will miss you but see you in august!

  19. so there’s a request for three compasses, one for toronto and one for orlando. pub crawl, anyone?

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