Walking through East London

I always get asked about what the sights are around East London, and end up having to take all visitors around.

So I made a little map on Google Maps to help folks out, thought it might be useful to share….



  1. @londonforinsiders nice map, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Looks great, but thus far at least its essentially a tour of Hackney, not East London. May I suggest further additions: Vicky Park, the sewerbank (aka Greenway), the Olympic Park, Canary Wharf, Wanstead Flats, the upper stretches of the Lea around Springfield park, South Indian curry in Manor Park, and West Ham United (how can East London be covered without that?)

  3. I fully agree. But it would be impossible to get all of that crammed into a single day! I had to pick and choose? Maybe we should do another walking tour, to cover things further East?

  4. Although it makes a lot of sense on a website about Hackney!

  5. Fair point Monique. Given that the hinterland of East London is actually quite large, I would suggest a bike tour or two instead. Here’s mine: start at Springfield Marina, take the Lee Navigation down past the Olympic Site, see Three Mills, then take the Limehouse Cut down to Limehouse Basin. Then up the Regents Canal, possibly stopping off at somewhere like the Palm for pint, see Victoria park and then take the Hertford Union back to the Lee Navigation – at which point you can either go back toward Springfield for a drink in the Anchor and Hope or, if you have the energy, take the sewer bank along the south side of the Olympic Park toward Plaistow, visit Upton Park, have a curry in Manor Park and finish off with drinks at the Golden Fleece on a sunny evening in Wanstead Flats. There!

  6. Sounds brilliant. Maybe an Olympic theme, huh? I promise to get crackin on google maps and post as soon as the FRIGGIN PHD PRESSURE eases. #ihatemylife

  7. If your looking for some east London Walking routes the Get Walking Keep Walking project up loads walks on the website http://www.getwalking.org/walking-routes/east-london/ they point out hidden gems and state distance and time it should take etc…

  8. That’s a GREAT reference, thanks!

  9. If you’re starting early in the day and covering the Olympic Park and the Greenway, you’d be mad not to visit the Container Cafe (in the View Tube) for a bacon sarnie.
    Tina is a great spot for brekkie too though if you get your timing wrong it can resemble a daycare centre at times! :)”

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