Voodoo Rays PIZZA….

There is a new joint in Dalston town and it goes by the name of Voodoo Rays. The brand spanking new laid-back pizza joint opened last month and serves top notch pizzas by the slice – NYC eat your heart out. It’s cheap, it’s open until 4am and it has a secret disco below! more info here: http://londontheinsideeat.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/review-voodoo-rays.html


  1. Dezeen have a feature on the interior;”The design is intended to sit within and celebrate its location on Kingsland High Street a typical inner London high street strip with its ad-hoc signs and frontages. Its neon signage and brightly light interior is intended to be part of the nighttime street scene.”voodoo rays

  2. sounds good. do you have full veg options, ie. use non-animal rennet cheese, use separate slicers from the meat ones?

  3. @MaxF the restaurant owners aren’t on here to answer. But if you find out, come back and share on this thread.Thanks

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