We are looking for volunteers to help out with the Chatsworth Road Neighbourhood plan (see this introductory thread). There are currently two main strands of work going on. Firstly ensuring the whole community know about the plan and get to express their views secondly further research to develop a strong evidence base for the proposals.Even if you’r not sure how you can help but would like to get involved let us know roughly where you live as we need to develop an evenly distributed network of ‘nodes’ throughout the neighbourhood.Thanks!”


  1. I’m up for helping out. I’m just finishing my MSc (9 Feb!) and then will have plenty more time on my hands. I live on Thornby Road.

  2. @euan This Hackney Unites link might be worth following up for research support – it came out last summer but from the workshop dates mentioned must still be current:http://hackneyunites.blogspot.com/2010/07/academic-and-student-researchers-at.html

  3. Hi Euan, loved the presentation last week, you really brightened the mood – well done!I’m in the middle of a full-time MSc in sustainable urbanism (mix of urban design, planning and development), so would love to get involved. I’m fairly pressured till the end of March, but will have more time after that. May still be able to help out in the meantime, so let me know what you were thinking. I’m on Brooksby’s Walk.

  4. @loue, what is your Msc in? I’m putting together a list of those that have offered to help and what their background is. It seems we have an amazing pool of talent in the area.@alexisk, i’ll have a look into that, although we already have a growing list of highly skilled people offering to get involved.@jwils that’s great. The neighbourhood plan should be \right down your street then.” Have you worked in urbanism before? I’ve spent the last five years working for a company called Urban Initiatives – you might have heard of them.”

  5. Hi Euan, it’s ‘Environmental Decision Making’ which spans all sorts from international policy to local community engagement – could come in handy! My background is law and accountancy, and I’m working in the climate change space at the moment.

  6. @loue Great! Could you send me your email address to: plan(at)chatsworthroade5(dot)co(dot)uk.

  7. Hi Euan we met at the meeting – I am a planner and interested in this. I think there are other neighbourhood plans going on around upper clapton and clapton pond – a group some while ago created a plan for the leabridge roundabout area – perhaps we should have a look at how they link up. I think we need a piece of paper about the plan in a nutshell and we ought to do an eyeball with all the proposed volunteers to develop a plan of action – what do you think?

  8. hi @lorraine, I sent you an email on Monday, to your hotmail account. It would be good to meet you if you are around the next few days. You can email me at plan(at)chatsworthroade5(dot)co(dot)uk.

  9. Hi EuanI worked at CABE for a few years before leaving to study. Course I know Urban Initiatives! Hope you’re enjoying going solo now anyway.Look forward to hearing how I can get involved.

  10. Hi all,As part of the neighbourhood plan public consultation we would like to interview a number of people as case studies, about how the use Chatsworth Road and they’re daily routines. If you live, or know someone who lives near any of the markers on this map and wouldn’t mind acting as a case study please get in touch. Thanks!
    View Chatsworth Road Interviewees in a larger map

  11. @euan if you supply a bit of blurb and a contact email address so that people can make contact direct I can put it in little local e-newsletter which goes to about 80 people. Ditto the Rushmore parents mailing list

  12. does @millfieldsparkblog have a list too?

  13. I’m interested, I live on Gunton Road, background is Social Housing.

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