Voice and Accent reduction classes

These short courses to improve your accent are open to performers and non, students and whoever feels they need to boost up the way they understand and get understood when speaking English.

An arsenal of techniques and skills that I can keep developing by myself and are useful for different aspects of life. (Katia de Miguel student 2011)

Over the course of 10 weeks participants will utilise key pronunciation techniques to improve the way they understand and get understood when speaking in their second language.Through vocal games and exercises including techniques borrowed from singing training participants will learn to recognise and master the sounds of the English language.

The aim is to:

  • develop awareness of and use of a broader range of resonance enriching their own potential and recognising different situations and uses for different resonant focus.
  • practise English vowel and consonant sounds within language through reading text concentrated vowel-specific tasks and listening into speaking exercises.
  • develop listening skills and pronunciation of weak forms in English through practising contracted forms and the use of the schwa.
  • understand the rhythm and musicality of English and to work towards appropriate pitch stress and intonation changes through exploration and with the use of text.
  • experience optimal vocal use when presenting texts to an audience.
  • develop healthy phonation through appropriate breath use and by building on optimal alignment which ensures release in the vocal channel.
  • Extend pitch range and experience of variety and to apply this range to playful activities as well as text in order to develop positive experiences of pitch variety.
  • For students to develop their listening skills of English pitch range and learn to apply more English-like pitch patterns to their own speech.

Classes take place on Tuesday 8.00 to 9.30pm and Wednesday 6.30 to 8.00 in the art space under Cafe mostra 86 Stoke Newington High Street N16.The cost is £120 or £105 for people on low income.To book and for more information you can check www.islad.org/voice-and-accent or call Emilia on 07946 347 631.”