Vintage scooter mechanics

As a vintage vespa rider, I thought I’d list the vintage scooter places that I know of for parts, repairs and services.Hackney had Ska scooters on Hackney Road, but that’s gone and there aren’t any more that I know of in the borough.There is a new shop I saw just off Brick Lane on Sclater St, looks like they specialise in Vespas, although there was a Lambretta in there. I don’t know anything else about them.My bike was refurbished at Scooterworks in SE1 which I go to sometimes and an ex-scooterworks mechanic is now at Scootech on Roman Road working on newer bikes, but has fixed mine a few times.There is a roaming mechanic that I know of called Paul, who has fixed a few of my cables and flat tyres. He works anywhere within the M25.Anyone know of anything else?


  1. I know the guys at Scooterworks well, and do rate them (I used to be a mechanic there, although this was years ago). Mechanics knowledgeable in the arts of older bikes are hard to find these days. Rex at Victory Motorcycles in Camden is good, he works on scooters. I can help with basics but have no workshop, and limited time as a Dad… I am looking to share garage space though, and could exchange mechanical favours/teachings?

  2. I used to go to scooterworks a lot, they (well Lawrence, Rob and Craig) put my bike together in 2003 – but I’ve not been back to much since I found where Lawrence now works as he’s the guy that knows my bike the best and I only really know Craig at scooterworks now.Rex did such a terrible job on soldering my old vespa (back in 2001/02) that I’ve never been back. I didn’t know they were still here.

  3. Check this fella out, lives in Hackney too

  4. @titch yup, that’s Paul who I mentioned before, handy for fixing cables and flat tyres when you’re stuck somewhere. He lives in Homerton (last time I asked) so pretty handy.

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